How To Keep Your Brazilian Virgin Hair Extensions Looking Like New

New and unused Brazilian virgin hair extensions are smooth and silky to touch initially. After using them for a few days, they begin developing rough patches. Whereas your fingers slide through the strands of new Brazilian virgin hair extensions fresh out of the store, you start experiencing a few bumps and uneven clots after a few days of use. The look also changes with the shine getting dulled with time. This natural wear and tear of Brazilian virgin hair extensions is caused due to the following reasons. The biggest enemy of Brazilian virgin hair extensions is ambient air pollution, especially due to vehicle smoke. Next thing which damages Brazilian virgin hair is excessive grooming. While a periodic regimen of shampoo, conditioner, moisturizer and nourishment is needed to maintain the Brazilian virgin hair extensions, excessive cleaning causes the hair to become fragile. Also, the chemicals in the cleansing agents settle down into the hair extension strands and cause them to become uneven. Of course, too little maintenance can also inhibit the lifespan of the Brazilian virgin hair extensions. The use of incorrect tools on the hair or the incorrect use of the tools, such as combs, brushes, hot irons, also damage Brazilian virgin hair, sometimes irrevocably. Combs and brushes used on Brazilian virgin hair extensions should have sufficiently spaced teeth to avoid hair from getting pulled out; the styling temperature in hot irons should not be too high to prevent lasting damage.

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