How To Determine The Genuineness Of Brazilian Remy Hair

Brazilian Remy hair is sold at a premium due to its longer lifespan and resistance to tangling and breaking. As a result, a lot of spurious manufacturers have entered into the market claiming to supply Brazilian hair extensions. The lack of regulatory enforcement in the hair extensions market has further exacerbated this problem. There are few labs which have to facilities to differentiate between genuine Brazilian Virgin Remy hair and non Remy hair being passed off as Remy.

We suggest a simple method to find out whether the Brazilian Remy hair being sold to you is genuine or not. Examine the roots, the middle of the shaft and the fiber ends of the Brazilian Remy hair under a microscope or a magnifying glass. In genuine Brazilian Remy hair, the cuticles are missing at the ends and are profuse near the roots. This is because genuine Brazilian Remy hair is harvested from human donors and was a part of their natural hair.

This hair was subjected to regular grooming, treatment, shampooing and conditioning during its lifetime. The mechanical and chemical stress and soap and shampoo build-up during these processes results in damage to the ends of the hair, resulting in the cuticles at the hair-ends being lost. The complete absence of cuticles under the microscope indicates that the hair being offered is not Brazilian Virgin Remy hair. Some cuticles are definitely present in even the most harshly treated Brazilian Remy hair.

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