How To Clip In Brazilian Hair Extensions For A Lasting Look

Brazilian hair extensions are increasingly being clipped on, instead of being woven, glued or fused. As mentioned in one of our earlier blogs, the main benefits of clipping on Brazilian hair extensions include ease and simplicity of installing and removing them. But, if improperly applied, this very convenience can become a bane. Hence, it is essential to be aware of the steps to be followed when putting on Brazilian hair extensions. There is more to the application of clips than simply parting the hair and clipping the Brazilian hair extensions. The Brazilian hair extensions have to be properly blended with the natural hair so that they are concealed and also stay in place, and do not sag or fall off, thereby becoming saggy at some places and unnaturally bulky at others. For the former, the Brazilian hair extensions need to be camouflaged using the natural hair. This is done by sectioning off the natural hair, splitting it into two and placing the Brazilian hair extensions between the splits before clipping them. Comb the weft to blend it with the natural tresses. For making ponytails of Brazilian hair extensions, form a bun of the natural hair and tighten it using bands or pins. Place the bun sufficiently high on the head and clip on the Brazilian hair extensions ponytail. Tuck in the clips properly for a natural look.

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