How To Check For The Authenticity Of Brazilian Remy Hair Extensions

Brazilian Remy hair extensions sell at a premium compared to even normal human hair extensions. As a result of this, a lot of spurious manufacturers have spawned in the markets who try to pass off their hair extensions as Brazilian Remy hair extensions. These manufacturers have no means to authenticate their claim. Unfortunately, there are no laws or regulations governing the hair extensions trade, which can curb this malpractice of claiming Brazilian Remy hair extensions. There are very few labs which can verify whether the Brazilian Remy hair extensions bought by clients are genuine or not. One of the simple tests to authenticate the genuineness of the Brazilian Remy hair bought by clients is by examining them under the microscope. See the roots, the mid-shaft and the fiber ends of the Brazilian Remy hair. In true Brazilian Remy hair, you will find that the cuticles are absent at the ends and thick near the middle. The difference is very obvious. Cuticle loss at the ends of the hair is on account of grooming, hair treatment and shampoo or conditioner build-up. If the cuticles are completely absent, then it becomes obvious that the hair sample is not Brazilian Remy hair. Even in the worst of Brazilian Remy hair extensions, some cuticle layers are definitely left over.

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