How To Apply Wefted Virgin Extensions

One of the advantages of wefted virgin hair extensions is that they are virtually indistinguishable from the normal hair. Wefted virgin extensions can be selected for any hair textures – you can select straight, curly or wavy wefts based on your preference. The wefts are easy to install and you can even apply them at home. All you need is the skin weft of your choice, a comb, a few hair clips and scissors and hair glue. The first step in applying wefted virgin hair extensions is to decide where you wish to install them. They should be placed below the top layer of hair so that they are not visible from outside. Wefted virgin extensions should always be applied starting at the bottom and going upwards. Here again, it is suggested that about an inch of the bottom hair close to the scalp is left out before applying the wefted virgin extension. After this, cut the weft to the right size and apply a consistent line of hair glue to it. Lastly, place the glued side directly on the chosen part of the scalp. Repeat these steps for each of the wefts till you feel you have a sufficient number. A good application will ensure that you can show off your wefted virgin hair extensions with grace and style.

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