How do I wear and maintain Virgin Hair Extensions?

Virgin hair extensions can be used to conceal either bald spots or defects in the natural hair and scalp, or as an accessory to flaunt a new look of locks. Since virgin Remy hair extensions have never been subjected to chemical treatment, they are conducive to various chemical and coloring processes and treatments. This makes it easier to modify their design, style, color and texture.  Instead of hiding behind caps, scarves or wigs, virgin hair extensions can be worn as natural hair.

Unless you tell them, no one can ever know that the chic tresses worn by you are not your own, but appended. Virgin hair extensions can be worn in a variety of styles – from the simple and quick clips to the more elaborate human hair weaves, fusion extensions and wefted virgin extensions (hand-tie wefts or machine weft extensions). Even when you use clips to attach the virgin hair extensions, modern clips are designed to be invisible.

The clips come in various color shades – you just need to pick the ones which exactly match the shade of your original skin tone and hair color. Hair extensions are human hair extensions – this means their characteristics resemble that of your natural hair. They are subject to the same vulnerabilities as natural hair and the remedies and maintenance are also similar. Hence, they can be maintained with a minimum of additional fuss.

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