How do I Apply Weft Hair Extensions?

Weft hair extensions are preferred because they are virtually undetectable; at the same time, they help you flaunt your coiffure with elan and grace. Weft hair extensions can be used in any textures – straight, curly or wavy – to match the natural texture of your own hair. Further, weft hair extensions can be applied very easily, by yourself, in the comfort of your home, without going to the expense of hiring a professional stylist. For a normal installation, all you need is the weft of your choice, a comb and sufficient quantities of hair clips, scissors and hair glue. The first step in applying weft hair extensions is deciding where you wish to install them. Weft hair extensions should be placed below the top layer of natural hair and should be completely covered to make them undetectable from outside. After deciding the placement of the weft hair extensions, apply the weft, starting from the bottom and going up. Leave about an inch of space at the bottom of the hair, close to the scalp, before applying the weft. After this, cut the weft to the right size and apply a consistent line of hair glue. Lastly, place the glued end directly over the scalp. Repeat this for all the wefts till you have a full head of weft hair extensions of the required thickness.

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