How Clipping On Indian Hair Extensions Prevents Damage To Natural Hair

Indian hair extensions are applied by clipping them onto the natural hair using micro clips. This kind of clipping has numerous advantages associated with it. While clipping the Indian hair extensions is simple, fast and easy, it is the preferred method for adding volume and length to natural hair in a jiffy. The use of hair styling tools is also minimized if the desired styles of Indian hair extensions are simply clipped on, instead of subjecting the natural hair to the vagaries of hot irons. Hair coloring can also be avoided if the Indian hair extensions of the desired hair color are simply clipped on, instead of going in for the harsh chemicals present in hair coloring agents. Since clipping on the Indian hair extensions does not involve the use of any chemical treatment or glue and adhesive, it prevents the natural hair and scalp from collateral damage due to their use. Indian hair extensions which form highlights and low-lights can also be clipped on, thereby avoiding having to chemically treat the natural hair for creating these shadings. The only style which Indian hair extensions probably cannot match is creating effusive curls. For this style, you may either need to curl your natural hair using rollers or go for hair extensions of other origins such as African, which come with natural curls.

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