How Do Brazilian Hair Extensions Achieve A Perfectly Uniform Length?

Brazilian hair extensions are made from hair obtained from donors of Brazilian origin and are a premium segment of the hair extensions market due to their density, color, thickness, length and ease of chemical or color processing. Brazilian hair is naturally strong and thick and nourished. Due to their being free from any chemical treatment, Brazilian hair extensions look better and can impart a perfectly natural look. Depending on how the hair has been collected, Brazilian hair extensions are classified into either single or double drawn extensions. Single drawn Brazilian hair extensions have the hair sewn as it is taken, without any trimming. This means that single drawn Brazilian hair extensions may have length variations, but these will make them look just natural. Double drawn Brazilian hair extensions are those that are trimmed to a uniform length for the perfect coiffure. Though double drawn Brazilian hair extensions are more expensive due to the extra labor needed to sort and trim the hair, they may still end up giving a contrived look, and are hence not preferred by those who wish to pass of their Brazilian hair extensions as natural hair.

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