Health Tips For “HEALTHY” Hair – Part I

While we do recommend that you use our hair extensions whenever you wish to look your best and impress your audience, we also wish you healthy hair. This is because our hair extensions can make you look beautiful from the outside, but it is your natural beautiful hair which will make you feel beautiful inside. A combination of your beautiful hair and our varied range of stylish hair extensions and accessories will make what would be a deadly combination – guaranteed to turn heads in your direction!!! Do not begin to grow your hair if it is damaged and rough.

If you suffer from split ends or thin and dry ends, trim the hair to remove as much of the damaged part of the hair, before you begin growing it again. To get a pretty mane, you may want to take a relook at your health and lifestyle – diet, exercise, sleep, stress levels, etc. Your hair can grow best when you are also at your healthiest and fittest. Accordingly, you may wish to make appropriate dietary changes. Since hair is primarily composed of keratins, which are proteins, ensure proper proteins in your diet. Similarly, you may want to consider adding a vitamin supplement to your daily diet. Some vitamins and minerals which contribute to hair growth include beta-carotene, biotin, biosil, vitamin B complexes, zinc, magnesium, silica, sulphur and flaxseed oil.

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