Health Tips For “HEALTHY” Hair – Part II

We at wish you a healthy natural mane, which can perfectly complement our range of hair extensions. We offer hair extensions made from Virgin and non-Virgin, Remy and non-Remy and human and synthetic hair. Remember, hair extensions can only provide external beauty – for them to be effective, health of the underlying natural hair is most helpful. For this reason, we are giving these tips to enhance the inner beauty of your natural hair as well. The earlier blogs spoke about proteins and vitamins. Good hair vitamins contain all essential nutrients not only for accelerated hair growth but also to promote overall health and well-being.

A good and effective hair vitamin should contain MSM and Biotin. MSM lengthens that phase during which the growth of hair is maximized while Biotin promotes cell growth. Amino acid supplements may not be directly beneficial for hair growth, but amino acids are protein building blocks. People who are on a diet or who otherwise are restricted from consuming sufficient calories should consider using amino acid supplements to make their hair growth faster. Cardio-vascular exercises stimulate the flow of blood to the scalp, along with other areas of the body. Regular scalp massages also help in stimulating blood flow. Improved blood flow to the scalp is directly related to faster and better hair growth.

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