Hand-Tie Wefts Versus Machine Weft Extensions

Weft hair extensions are normally sewn or tied using a weaving thread into the natural hair, either by hand (hand-tie wefts) or using a machine (machine weft extensions). Weft hair extensions take time to apply, but result in hair which can mingle with almost any type, style and texture of natural hair and look natural. Compared to hand-tie wefts, machine weft extensions are thicker. While applying weft hair extensions, the track should only be cut and sealed after completing the process, instead of cutting it at the end of each row. It can simply be turned around at the ends of individual rows. Even when the track in weft hair extensions is cut, it should not be cut from the top, since this can cause it to unravel. Machine weft extensions shed more compared to hand-tie wefts. Hand-tie wefts, on the other hand, stick closer to the scalp and look more natural.

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