Hair Extensions – Debunking The Myths

When it comes to hair extensions, the prevalence of misconceptions and myths prevent many people from going in for them. Here, we clarify a few of them for you, so that you may enjoy all the benefits of hair extensions without worrying too much about inconsequential and untrue stories spread around them. Contrary to popular misperception, hair extensions are not bad for your natural hair. Professionally applied hair extensions do not damage natural hair at all. If anything, they may even allow the natural hair to grow to a certain length. Hair extensions do not, repeat do not, cramp your lifestyle – in fact they allow you greater freedom to enjoy life outdoors without worrying too much about hair damage. After all, hair extensions are replaceable. Hair extensions do not end up making you the butt of ridicule by being obviously visible. Most hair extensions are seamless – people may not even be able to make out that you have worn them unless you point it out to them. Hair extensions are not at all uncomfortable or painful. A certain feeling of discomfort does crop into the wearer initially since (s)he is aware of the fact that (s)he has applied a hair extension. But this also gradually dissipates as hair extensions become an almost natural appendage.

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One thought on “Hair Extensions – Debunking The Myths

  1. I certainly don’t see why not.I have thhugot about it before,but i was rather faithful to my glue-ins.I had to stop though, the glue stunted the growth of my hair.I noticed it wasn’t just mine either,my two best friends used them two we all started using them around the same time.None of us grow an inch of hair where our tracks sat for about two years.

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