Hair Care Tips For Hair Extensions

Hair extensions look good and feel great – they need to be pampered just like (or sometimes even more than) natural hair, so that they continue to accentuate your looks. Hair extensions need to be shampooed and deep conditioned at least once a week. While washing, do not rub the hair against itself to avoid breakage. After washing, towel it dry and allow it to air dry naturally. Next, comb the hair by dividing it into different sections, gently combing each section till the scalp. The attachment area needs to be taken special care of. Avoid using bristle-brushes to comb or brush hair extensions. Too much or too frequent use of oils or greases sometimes results in weighed down and tangled hair. Before sleeping, braid, pin curl, or roller set the hair. To protect the hair extensions, it is advisable to sleep with a cap or on a satin pillow. Each different hair texture needs to be treated and cared for differently – whether they are curly, wavy or straight. The tips we have given here are generic and can be applied to any type of virgin hair extensions to prolong their life and usefulness.

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