Gluing Virgin Hair Lace Wigs

Gluing and attaching Virgin hair lace wigs is slightly tedious, but if it is done properly, the results are worth the effort. To attach Virgin hair lace wigs, the first thing to be done is creating a plane surface for the wig, by molding the hair backwards and braiding it. A wig liner or a stocking cap can also be used to achieve this. Next, the forehead must be cleaned with alcohol to make it free of oils. Pin the natural hair back to prevent it from sticking to the Virgin hair lace wig adhesive. Make a natural looking hairline by removing excess lace. Care should be taken to see that the cuts made are smooth and natural-looking. Next, apply a thin crust of wig adhesive where you want the wig to be placed, and allow the adhesive to dry naturally. To wear the Virgin hair lace wig, first align it with the hairline base and then attach it. Once the wig is bonded with the scalp, it is difficult to remove or adjust it, so take care initially itself. The time taken for bonding depends upon a lot of factors like the method of application, condition of the scalp, skin and natural hair, the body chemistry and physiological factors such as humidity and temperature.

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