Gluing On Virgin Indian Hair Extensions

Virgin Indian hair extensions can be attached in the form of wefts, braids, weaves, clips, etc. The fastest and simplest means of installing virgin Indian hair is gluing it onto the natural locks. Though this method is not very long-lasting, it is very easy and can be done at home without a visit to a salon. To glue virgin Indian hair, the first step is to create a plane surface by molding the natural hair backwards and braiding it. The forehead must be cleaned with alcohol to make it free of oil, since oil may reduce the effectiveness of the glue. Pin the natural hair back to prevent it from sticking out of the virgin Indian hair extension. Next, apply the glue in a thin crust around the hairline and allow it to dry naturally. The glue should first be tested on a part of your skin to ensure that it does not adversely react and cause any irritation or itching on the skin. Once the virgin Indian hair extension is bonded, it may be difficult to adjust or remove it without redoing the entire process, so take care to place it exactly how and where you want it to be. The time required for the adhesive to dry and the virgin Indian hair extension to attach completely to your coiffure depends on the condition of the scalp, skin and natural hair, the body chemistry and the ambient humidity and temperature.

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