Gluing Of Virgin Indian Hair Extensions

Virgin Indian hair extensions can be applied in myriad styles, among which gluing is perhaps the easiest and least expensive. The only drawback in gluing of virgin Indian hair is that the keratin or glue may melt and come unstuck when heat treated for either styling of drying. As opposed to this, the advantages are its simplicity, flexibility in design and speed of application. The virgin Indian hair can be styled into any shape and simply glued on, without resorting to pins or clips to keep the tresses in place. However, the glue should never be applied directly onto your natural hair; even if it inadvertently sticks to the natural hair, it should be immediately removed using coconut oil or special lotions to remove hair bonds. Moreover, virgin Indian hair extensions which are to be glued in should match the color and texture and color of the natural hair and should also be slightly longer than the natural hair. The virgin Indian hair can then be trimmed to the required size. Glue-in virgin Indian hair extensions are available in a wide range of colors and textures. You can select the one which best matches your natural hair – if you are a natural brunette, choose virgin Indian hair in shades of brown; if you have coarse hair, choose the virgin Indian hair extensions which are made of coarse hair. This will ensure that the virgin Indian hair extensions are well-concealed and indistinguishable from your natural locks.

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