Gluing Brazilian Extensions

Different styles of Brazilian extensions can be applied in different ways. One of the ways of applying Brazilian extensions is gluing them to the natural hair. Gluing is easy and simple, but it comes with a limitation – the glue in glued in Brazilian hair extensions will melt when heated, hence these are not meant for hot styling or forced heating for drying. The main advantage of gluing Brazilian extensions is of course the ease and speed of application. When selecting Brazilian hair extensions for gluing, make sure that the color and texture of the extensions complements your natural hair.

The hair extensions should have hair length slightly more than that of your natural hair. The extra length can later be trimmed away, if not needed. If the natural hair is light in color, then choose light colored Brazilian extensions, and the other way round. When gluing on Brazilian extensions, the glue should not be applied directly to the natural hair. In case this happens inadvertently, the glue can be removed from your natural hair by applying a special lotion which is made to remove hair bonds, or even plain coconut oil. It is best to remove the glue before it dries onto your natural hair and gets hard and sets in.

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