Getting A Seamless Look With wigs

Depending on the quality of the hair that makes up wigs and the method of fixing them, some wigs are completely undetectable and resemble the natural hair of the wearer. Good wigs should ensure a seamless transition from the natural hairline to the wigs. The natural hair changes in intensity as it moves away from the face to the center of the scalp. The hair which is at the hairline nearer the face is lighter in color and the color darkens as it moves away. Good quality wigs replicate this shade change with the use of lowlights and highlights so that they are completely invisible. The shade difference may not be more than a shade or two, but it makes a vast difference in the noticeability of the wigs. Improper wigs or bad quality wigs are darker near the hairline and stand out compared to the natural hair. To improve the look of your existing wigs, get them colored to exactly match your skin tone near the hairline for a seamless look.

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