Getting A Home-Made Perm For Your Virgin Brazilian Hair Extensions

Virgin Brazilian hair is pure without having been subjected to any chemical treatment or coloring. As a result, it is conducive to chemical processing after harvesting, with minimum damage. Pre-processed hair gets damaged very easily when it is subjected to chemical or heat treatments. Getting perms in Virgin Brazilian hair is very easy since the hair is genetically straight or slightly wavy. Perm is the abbreviation for “permanent wave”. The straight or slightly wavy Virgin Brazilian hair can be easily permed for creating permanent waves. Perming can be resorted to, in order to match Virgin Brazilian hair extensions with wavy or curly natural hair. The first step to perm Virgin Brazilian hair is to select the right perm solution for best effect. Alkaline solutions are best for tight curls and acid-balanced solutions for softer and fuller curls. Condition the Virgin Brazilian hair extensions with a crème conditioner. Wear gloves and mix and apply the solution in the perm kit to the Virgin Brazilian hair extensions. Wrap the Virgin Brazilian hair extensions lightly around rollers. Rinse out the solution with warm water and apply the base or neutralizer in the kit to the Virgin Brazilian hair extensions. Wait for a few minutes for the curl to take hold, then remove the rollers and rinse the Virgin Brazilian hair extension in cold water to wash off the base solution. 

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