Fusion Extensions Can Be Used To Fill The Gap Between Short Hair And Long Hair

Fusion extensions have gradually become a preferred hair extension application technique, whether the extensions are being applied to conceal scalp defects or to enhance the coiffure. Fusion extensions can be used to add length to short hair. If you have cropped your hair and now desire a hairstyle with long flowing hair, you would ordinarily have to wait for at least a year for your hair to grow back till just above the waist.

These hair extensions are designed to last for up to a year; hence these can be used to fill the gap in the interregnum. Till your natural hair grows back to the required length, fusion extensions can be used to flaunt a long-haired look. Fusion extensions can very rarely be attached by yourself at home and require a visit to a professional stylist. Since hair-dressers usually charge by the hour for installing hair extensions, the charges of the stylist can be minimized if you do the preliminary preparation at home. These preparations involve shampooing, conditioning, moisturizing, drying and brushing the natural hair and scalp.

Remember, hair extensions are difficult to apply and remove – once applied they cannot be removed very easily. So, it is better if the natural hair and scalp are thoroughly prepared before these are applied. During their lifespan of a year, fusion extensions may occasionally require a re-visit to the beauty parlor for a touch-up – this may be about 2-3 times during the year – the number of visits depends on your daily regimen and hair after-care and maintenance schedule.

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