Flexibility In Clipping On Virgin Hair Extensions

Hair extensions made from hair which has not been chemically treated or subjected to any artificial coloring process are called virgin hair extensions. Since these are completely natural, yet look lustrous and attractive, they come at a premium compared to others. One of the easiest and simplest ways of applying these virgin hair extensions is by clipping them on to the natural hair. This kind of clipping in gives the flexibility of fast application and removal. Further, if you wish to chemically treat the virgin hair extensions, but are afraid of the after-effects of the use of these chemicals on your natural hair, the clipped on virgin hair extensions can be quickly removed, treated and re-installed. The removal and installation takes just a few minutes, as compared to other forms of attaching the virgin hair extensions which may need much more elaborate processes for removal. This apart, some of the attachment processes are such that re-installing the virgin hair extensions after removing them is not at all possible. A similar procedure can be followed in case of coloring or even heat treatment of the virgin hair extensions. Since genuine human virgin hair extensions last longer, this flexibility and ease of removing makes more sense for them. They can also be removed and stored for a few days and then worn again.

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