Feather Hair Extensions Removal

Hair extensions with feathers are sought-after for an instant funky look. You can use these feather hair extensions over a weekend or on holiday – to achieve the look of a rock-star, a sportsperson or a party girl. However, when you have to return to work or to school, this look is no longer desirable. The first thing to do in order to get rid of feather hair extensions is to ensure you work with the exact same crimping tool or pliers which was used for applying these hair extensions. Carefully part the dried hair to have a clear look at that section of the hair to which the feather is attached. The remaining hair should be clipped or pulled away if required. A micro link can be felt at the hair extension’s root. Feel it with your fingers, determine the direction in which the link was flattened, hold it and squeeze the link in the reverse direction with the crimping tool or pliers. The link will pop open, allowing smooth sliding off of the bead and removal of the feather hair extension along with it. The feathers should be stored in a dry place and should be occasionally aired – they will remain fit for re-installation whenever you need the party look once again.

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