Factors Causing Damage To Indian Hair Extensions

You choose and buy soft and smooth Indian hair extensions. However, after a few days of use, you find that the same Indian hair extensions though which you could easily run your fingers, are now tousled and rough, with lumps all along their length. This loss of smoothness in Indian hair extensions is not a reflection of their quality, but is due to extraneous factors. Here are a few things which can be done to prolong the life of Indian hair extensions. Pollution is the worst enemy of Indian hair extensions and hair in general. As far as possible, prevent the Indian hair extensions from ambient air pollution by covering them with a cap when outdoors, or when travelling. Proper after-care, after the Indian hair extensions have been exposed, can also help to contain the effects of pollution. The next factor causing damage to Indian hair extensions is improper or insufficient cleaning. This may sometimes be for fear of disturbing the hair style. Unclean hair becomes fragile. On the other hand, shampooing the Indian hair extensions too often or shampooing them with strong detergents causes them to lose moisture and become frizzy and dull. The improper use of hair styling tools such as hot irons, or even the humble comb, can also result in damage, sometimes irreversible, to the Indian hair extensions.

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