Ensuring A Longer And Healthier Life For Your Brazilian Hair Extensions

To ensure freshness, shine, bounce, luster and long life of your Brazilian hair extensions, a proper grooming and maintenance regimen is a must and the foremost component of any effective hair grooming cycle is a brush or a comb. The Brazilian hair extensions should be brushed daily, if possible, using a special hair extension brush. Before brushing, take care to see that the Brazilian hair extensions are dry and do not contain any moisture – a simple finger test is the best way to do this. Hold the Brazilian hair extensions in a ponytail and brush them with a downward motion. Brazilian hair extensions require a wash at least twice a week and a more comprehensive treatment once every few weeks. Since Brazilian hair extensions are not attached to the scalp, they do not get access to natural oils and nourishment which natural hair gets. Therefore, in order to moisturize and nurture them, a hair treatment is essential. When carrying out a hair treatment, remember to avoid the attachment areas of the Brazilian hair extensions. Shampooing should not be done directly onto the Brazilian hair extensions, rather the shampoo should be applied to the scalp and allowed to run down through the Brazilian hair extensions. Use a moisturizing detangling solution after washing Brazilian hair extensions. Over-use of heating tools or hot-drying equipment should be avoided or used after application of a heat protector to the Brazilian hair extensions.

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