Ensuring A Long-Lasting Head Of Indian Hair Extensions

One of the advantages of Indian hair extensions is that these can be subject to the same physicochemical treatments which are used on natural hair. Indian hair extensions can be subjected to dyeing, coloring, cutting, styling, etc. Indian hair extensions are mostly dyed in order that they may exactly match the color of the person’s natural hair. However, care should be taken to see that the treatment is not too harsh – just as harsh chemicals damage your natural hair, Indian hair extensions can also be severely damaged by harsh chemicals. The best option would be to first try out any artificial treatment first on a small strand or section of the hair extension. If the results are satisfying without any side-effects, then the treatment can be carried out on the entire Indian hair extensions. Indian hair extensions are no different in their reactions than natural hair. Hence, whatever treatment or process is chosen, including flat iron styling, should be safe for natural hair. Further, it is noticed that virgin Remy Indian hair extensions are easier to treat than non-Remy or non-Virgin extensions, since the latter have already been chemically treated and are hence weaker. The outer layer or the cuticle layer gives Indian hair extensions their shine and luster; care should be taken to see that this is not adversely affected by treatment or styling processes carried out on the Indian hair extensions.

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