Effective Washing Of Brazilian Hair Weave Extensions

For best results, Brazilian hair weave extensions need to be washed at least once a week to prevent unwanted build up of dirt, grime and oils. Even if you do not spend too much time outdoors, the Brazilian hair weave extensions still need to be washed to eliminate the accumulation of the natural oils secreted by your scalp. When washing Brazilian hair weave extensions, care should be taken to ensure that the bonded area is kept clean and dry. Shampoo should not be scrubbed into the hair, but should be massaged into the scalp gently and then rinsed away in a downward direction. After the shampoo, conditioner should be applied from the mid-shaft to the ends. The conditioner should also be applied in a downward direction, along the natural flow, to eliminate tangles and moisturize the Brazilian hair weave extensions. The bonded areas should be kept free of conditioner. Conditioning the bonded area can cause the bonds in the Brazilian hair weave extensions to slip. The shampoo and conditioner used for washing Brazilian hair weave extensions should be free of sulfates. Allow the Brazilian hair weave extensions to dry naturally rather than force-drying them with towel or hot irons. This prevents the Brazilian hair weave extensions from tangling and enhances their lifespan.

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