Economizing On The Cost For Installation Of A Brazilian Straight Weave

While a Brazilian straight weave adds flair, grace and style to your looks, procuring and installing it costs money. Though the basic cost of buying a Brazilian straight hair extension cannot be compromised on, here are a few steps which clients can take, so that their overall cost of acquiring the Brazilian straight weave can be reduced. The first suggestion deals with the selection of the Brazilian straight weave. Here, it is always best to go for human hair rather than synthetic.

Though human hair may be more expensive, it lasts longer and requires lesser maintenance, thereby more than making up for the high initial cost, over its life-time. A Brazilian straight hair made from Remy hair is even more preferable, if one can afford it. Secondly, with regards to the application process, it is important to remember that most hair stylists and salons charge by the hour for installation of straight weave extensions.

This is because the volume of hair extensions to be installed and the preparation for that varies from client to client; hence it is not always possible to standardize the application cost. Given this, it is advisable to carry out the preliminary preparation for installing the Brazilian straight hair, at home before visiting the saloon. This includes washing and combing the natural hair to make it more receptive to the Brazilian straight weave.

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