Do Not Fall For The Magic Hair Growth Formula – Use Brazilian Extensions Instead

Natural hair – healthy, long and lustrous – is the best!  However, for a variety of reasons, you may sometimes need to accessorize your natural tresses. In such a scenario, you need look no further than Brazilian extensions to supplement your locks and make them look even more beautiful. The hair-care market is nowadays flooded with oils and lotions which claim to make natural hair grow faster and longer. Most of these products are spurious and may end up causing damage to your scalp and you would be lucky to escape with only a loss of money. Brazilian extensions are a safer alternative to generic oils and greases which can suppress growth of natural hair by clogging the pores of the scalp thereby preventing it from supplying nutrition to the hair. Most hair growth lotions claim that they contain exotic ingredients to promote the growth of hair. The truth is hair growth can only be aided by regular head massages using traditional oils. Apart from this, if you wish to supplement your natural locks, hair extensions such as Brazilian extensions are your best alternative, since Brazilian extensions are made from hair collected from donors of Brazilian origin, which is genetically long and shiny, and since it is human origin hair, it can match your natural hair.

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