Do Brazilian Hair Extensions Cause Heaviness In The Head?

Given their volume and density, most people assume that wearing Brazilian hair extensions may make the head feel heavy and uncomfortable. Initially, since you are more conscious of the fact that you are wearing extraneous hair, you may feel it, but gradually you end up forgetting it and treating the Brazilian hair extensions as natural. If the Brazilian hair extensions are properly installed, they will not cause any unease at all. Any perceived discomfort is more due to psychological reasons since you are overly conscious of the Brazilian hair extensions. Well selected Brazilian hair extensions match your hair color and type, and, if properly applied, do not allow ridges in the attachment areas. The Brazilian hair extensions are so well concealed that no one can tell you have worn them, even after a minute study, because they resemble natural hair so much. For the first few hours after installing the Brazilian hair extensions, your head may feel heavier because of the extra mass of hair added; this is especially true if the natural hair was short to begin with. This feeling will soon pass and you begin to feel your natural self again once the Brazilian hair extensions have been on your scalp for some time.

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