Different Methods Of Applying A Human Hair Weave

A human hair weave can be worn in different styles based on the hair weaving method selected. Apart from the type, length, density and strength of the natural hair, the method used to create a human hair weave also depends on how long the weave is to be worn and how much you can afford to spend on getting a human hair weave. The different methods of getting a human hair weave are a cornrow track, cord track, invisible braid and bonding. In cornrow tracking, a thin hand-tie weft or machine weft extension is placed on the scalp and the human hair weave is attached to it with cornrows. Natural hair is then replaced over the track to conceal the human hair weave. Cord tracking uses weaving thread instead of cornrows, to attach the human hair weave. In invisible braiding, the entire hair is braided so that the weave can be applied without using any glue or thread. The hair is braided in corn-rowed layers with a clear demarcation between the natural hair and the human hair weave. The weave is then pulled through the cornrows. Bonding is a specialized form of applying human hair weaves with the use of specially formulated adhesives and is generally applied by professional specialists. With proper care, a human hair weave can last for almost half a year, compared to a few weeks for most weaves made from synthetic hair.

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