Deep Wave Hair Extensions Are Not Responsible For Hair Shedding

Deep wave hair extensions hide the imperfections in natural hair, but they also conceal the extent of natural hair loss due to hair shedding. It is not just others; even the user of deep wave hair extensions will not be able to determine just how much natural hair is being lost due to shedding. Actually, hair shedding is normal, and, in some cases, a healthy feature, of natural hair, and the deep wave hair extensions are not to blame for the hair loss. On the other hand, deep wave hair extensions form a protective layer over the natural hair and prevent it from damage by exposure to the elements. However, what makes the deep wave hair extensions a scapegoat for hair shedding is that a hair loss of about 100 strands a day is natural. What happens is that this fallen hair gets tied up in the deep wave hair extensions and is not visible on a daily basis. When the deep wave hair extensions are removed, the hair comes out with it, all at once. This makes the user feel that the deep wave hair extensions are in some way responsible for this abnormal shedding of the hair. In case you find a lot of lost hair strands in your deep wave hair extensions, it does not mean you are losing any more hair than what you used to earlier. It is just that the hair shed earlier has been accumulated in the deep wave hair extensions and is coming out all at one time.

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