Cost Determinants Of Indian Hair Extensions

Nothing can take the place of extensive research if you wish to get the best Indian hair extensions. The term “Indian hair extensions” is almost generic in nature and there is a large variety available even in hair extensions which are made from hair of Indian origin. Apart from the variety of styles available, there are the different application methods. The choice of the correct Indian hair weaves is influenced by factors such as the cost, length, color and style.

First and foremost, you need to define the kind of hair you wish to choose. Genuine hair extensions are more expensive than synthetic ones or those made from hair of other origins, but are longer lasting and easier to maintain. Synthetic extensions are prone to damage but are cheaper and come in a range of exotic colors, styles and textures. Next is the application technique, whether you wish to opt for fusion, weaving or bonding.

Nowadays clipping in Indian hair wefts is predominant because of ease of application and removal. These need to be removed when sleeping to avoid the Indian hair extensions from getting tangled. Then are the various textures in which Indian hair products are offered – straight, wavy and curly. Of these, the last ones – curly hair – are rare in hair extensions of Indian origin, but nevertheless available in the market. The length and color of the hair extensions are additional features which determine the look offered. The cost of Indian Remy hair extensions is determined by all of the above.


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