Concealing Signs Of Hair Shedding Through The Use Of Brazilian Hair Extensions

Brazilian hair extensions are used to style the natural hair into the desired shapes and also to hide signs of imperfection in the natural hair, such as premature baldness or infection. In case of this latter usage, the use of Brazilian hair extensions sometimes makes it difficult to gauge how much natural hair is being lost or shed. In case of premature baldness, natural hair begins to shed at a much faster rate compared to normal. To conceal this fact, clients use Brazilian hair extensions. What subsequently happens is that the Brazilian hair extensions successfully obscure the rate of fall of the natural hair. Once the Brazilian hair extensions, the loss of hair is unmasked. It is incorrect to blame Brazilian hair extensions for this increased rate of hair shedding. If anything, the Brazilian hair extensions may have slowed down the rate of loss of the hair by forming a protective layer over it. A normal head of human hair sheds about 100 strands every day, as the hair follicles get renewed on a daily basis. This is a part of the body’s growth process and Brazilian hair extensions cannot impact it in any way. Of course, what may happen is that poor quality Brazilian hair extensions or improper installation methods may create pressure on the natural hair and accelerate its breakage. This can be remedied by buying the Brazilian hair extensions from reputed manufacturers and using the services of reliable and experienced professionals when applying them.

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