Colouring Human Hair Wefts

To enhance the color of human hair wefts after installation, a color glaze can be applied – a clean shine that keeps hair healthy and strong. This can be applied all over the hair after installing the human weft wefts. Though the hair becomes slightly damp, this allows styling of the hair. While are shining the hair, a clear shine can be mixed with the necessary add protein and moisturizer also. Starting from the nape of the neck, the mixture can then be rubbed on to both the human hair wefts as well as the horizontal sections of the natural hair. Take care to avoid the bonded section and keratin-bonded tips of the weft, since the keratin glue may break down on application of the liquid. The hair should be well saturated with the shine mixture for the most promising results. The color and protein/moisturizer mixture takes about 20 minutes to settle down. Do not dry your hair forcibly since this might end up making the product unstable. As a last step, rinse out your hair thoroughly with shampoo and conditioner. This will make your human hair wefts conducive to the requisite styling which can make them look stunning.

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