Color Factors To Keep In Mind When Buying Brazilian Hair Extensions

Brazilian hair extensions are mostly available in the common shades of blacks and brown with a few reds and blondes thrown in, but these are very rare. These are the natural shades of hair which most people have. If someone offers natural Brazilian hair extensions in reds, purples or other exotic shades, chances are high that these are either synthetics or colored Brazilian hair extensions. Among black Brazilian hair extensions, there are further sub-classifications such as jet black, natural black, etc. Similarly, the brunettes can be light, dark, golden, medium, auburn or chestnut brown. Blondes can be either golden, ash or platinum. Mostly, the original hair color is naturally designed to match the skin tone. This should be kept in mind when buying Brazilian hair extensions also. The color of the Brazilian hair extensions should not clash with the skin tone. While people with light colored skin can opt for blonde and golden colored Brazilian hair extensions, those with a very dark tone of skin should necessarily go for blacks or dark brown when they select the Brazilian hair extensions. Virgin Brazilian hair extensions are those which have never been subjected to artificial coloring – these Brazilian hair extensions are always available in their natural color shade. A combination of black and brown is the most common Brazilian hair extensions color and suits most skin tones.

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