Clipping On Indian Remy Hair For Better Flexibility And Serviceability

Indian Remy hair extensions have hair with cuticles pointing in the same direction. Most often, hair extension application methods which rely on extensive use of heat, adhesives or elaborate treatments may damage the Indian hair or result in the cuticles pointing haphazardly. As such, the clip-in method of installing Indian Virgin Remy hair is the simplest method, which is easy and does not cause any harm to the hair in the extensions. Clip-in method relies on the use of micro clips that can be attached to or detached from the natural hair, when required. The method is so simple that it does not even require a visit to a beauty parlor. Proficiency in the method comes from experience.

Indian Remy hair extensions of all sizes and textures can be clipped onto the natural hair. These Remy hair extensions require normal grooming and maintenance. Apart from ease of use and reduced damage to the hair, the other advantage of attaching Indian Remy hair with clips, is the flexibility it imparts – these can be removed whenever needed. The only drawback is that the clips have to be removed before going to bed to prevent the Indian hair from tangling. An average head of Indian hair extensions fixed using clips lasts about 6 months – even more if it is used only occasionally. This length of time also depends on the quality and maintenance of the Indian Remy hair extensions.

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