Clipping On Brazilian Remy Hair

The easiest way to apply Brazilian Remy hair extensions is to simply part your natural hair and clip them onto the existing natural hair. However, though clipping on the Brazilian Remy hair is simple, to be successful, the Brazilian Remy hair should blend with the natural hair in such a way that there are no wefts or awkward bulks. For this, you may need to camouflage pieces of the Brazilian Remy hair, especially near the crown of the head by sectioning off the hair slightly thicker than normal and splitting the section horizontally. The top of the section should be about a quarter to a half inch thick and the Brazilian Remy hair can then be clipped to the bottom part with the top part forming a cover. Then comb the weft smoothly to blend with the natural locks. For clipping on ponytails of Brazilian Remy hair, comb the natural hair in the form of a bun and keep it in place with bands or pins to form a base for the ponytail. The Brazilian Remy hair ponytail can then be placed over the bun and kept in place using clips which can be concealed under the elastic bands.

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