Clipping On Brazilian Hair Extensions

Clipping on Brazilian hair extensions may look simple, but the process involves more than simply parting the hair and clipping in the hair pieces. Clipping on Brazilian hair extensions is easy, but to be successful, the hair in the Brazilian hair extensions must seamlessly blend in with the natural hair without the wefts being visible. For this, a little amount of concealing must be done, especially near the crown area or the front of the head. First, part the hair into sections, slightly thicker than normal. Next, split this into two parts horizontally. The top part should be about a quarter to a half inch thick to form the cover. The Brazilian hair extensions should be clipped into the bottom part. Then, the hair can be combed to hide any traces of extensions. Clip on Brazilian hair extensions in the form of ponytails are also tricky. The natural hair should be combed into a bun and kept in place with bands or pins, to form a base for the ponytail and prevent it from looking loose. The placement of the bun depends on the height at which you want the ponytail to begin. Next, the Brazilian hair extensions can be clipped on over the bun to form a ponytail. The clips can be secured under elastic bands to the base of the hair and tucked in to give them a natural look.

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