Clipping In Brazilian Hair Extensions To Save Time

Brazilian hair extensions transform your hair style instantly – they can be used to add color, depth, density and volume to the hair – almost at the drop of a hat. Brazilian hair extensions are mostly resorted to by those who do not have the time to be able to nourish or style their natural hair into the desired style. Among this, there is a further class of people who cannot even afford to take out the time required for a proper installation of Brazilian hair extensions.

For such clients, clip-in Brazilian hair extensions is a boon. These are so simple to install as to take minimal time and effort. They do not need a visit to the hair stylist and can be done at home. Clipping in hair extensions involves attaching them to the natural hair with a simple micro clip. This process is cheaper and faster compared to weaving, bonding, fusion or any of the other methods of applying Brazilian Remy hair extensions.

Brazilian hair extensions are more amenable to the clipping in process since they are more responsive to chemical and heat treatments. These Brazilian hair extensions are also suited for clients who want to experiment with different hair colors, textures, length or volume. They can clip in the Brazilian hair weaves of their choice and see their effect for a couple of days. If the effect is satisfactory, they can continue with the Brazilian hair extensions, else they can be replaced.

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