Clip-On Hair Extensions For The Nape of the Neck

The nape of the neck is a very tender spot and is disturbed most frequently – rubbing against the collars of your clothes and the pillows when you lie down. It also collects a lot of sweat. Due to this, hair near the nape of the neck gets tangled and tousled most often. And this is just for natural hair. The situation is exacerbated when extensions of hair weaves are used. Therefore, hair extensions near the nape need touch-ups every few days, more often than other areas.

The best option in this case is using clip-on hair extensions at the nape area instead of fusion or hair weaves. Clip-on hair extensions can be easily removed and cleaned and re-applied. Firstly, you can go in for the regular hair weave or fusion process. Next, since most hair weaves begin at the nape, clip-on hair extensions are applied there by clipping the hair pieces either to the braids or twists or directly to your natural hair.

Care should be taken to ensure that the clip-on pieces remain undetectable. By using clip-on hair extensions, maintenance becomes easier. Whenever the nape gets tousled or dirty, you can pop out the extensions, shampoo and condition them, tighten up the back braids, and then re-apply them. It is no longer necessary to remove the entire weave or fusion.

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