Cleaning Hair Extensions

It is essential to treat your hair extensions properly to ensure their longevity.It is recommended to wash hair thrice a week.The hair can be washed with cold or warm water. If you are planning to deep condition your hair, just leave the conditioner in for 3 to 5 minutes before rinsing it out with warm water. After the hair is washed, do not rub it vigorously or otherwise ruffle it. Its best to put a towel on your head and let the water soak into the towel.Never sleep on wet hair because sleeping on wet hair extensions mats the hair badly and ruins them.The hair must be combed daily, especially after each wash.The hair should be combed from the ends upwards, since this helps prevent shedding by keeping pressure away from the wefted area near the scalp. Gently brush the hair and avoid putting too much pressure while untangling strands. Just lean your head forward and use a soft brush to gently brush your hair from the root end toward your scalp.This will ensure that your hair extensions last longer and retain their desired shape during their lifespan.

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