Choose Only Brazilian Virgin Remy Hair For The Long Haul

Hair extension companies price their products depending on the quality of the inherent hair and all of them place a premium on Brazilian Virgin Remy hair extensions. This is because Brazilian Virgin Remy hair has not been subjected to any chemical alterations and has its cuticles intact and pointing in the same direction. This results in longer lasting hair with higher resistance to tangling or matting. At first glance, non-Remy chemically processed (non-Virgin) hair looks shinier and more attractive because of the reflection of light on the hair and the various chemical shining and polishing it is subjected to. Since Brazilian Virgin Remy hair contains cuticles, they overlap each other and are fall at slight angles of up to 5%, which results in scattering and diffusion of light rays, thereby making the hair appear dull compared to the uniformity which is achieved through chemical processing. Further, non-Remy hair fiber has a plane surface without variation of concentration and density. This means, non-Remy hair acts like a mirror when reflecting light and looks shinier and more attractive compared to Brazilian Virgin Remy hair. However, Brazilian Virgin Remy hair is able to withstand the rigors of daily usage much better since its cuticles provide protection and nourishment. Moreover, it already maintains its natural moisture content since it has not been chemically treated and removed. This is why it is always preferable to opt for Brazilian Virgin Remy hair extensions for the long haul.

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