Can I Get Infections By Using Virgin Hair Extensions?

Virgin hair extensions are associated with all kinds of myths and misconceptions, mostly propagated by unscrupulous vendors who pass off non-virgin hair extensions as virgin ones. This results in unsatisfied customers who then perpetrate the myths further. Contrary to popular misperception, virgin hair extensions do not cause any damage to your natural hair. Though they are not treated chemically, care is taken to properly disinfect them so that they are devoid of any infections which the donor might be carrying. And anyway, infected hair would not make it to form virgin hair extensions in the first place, since they would not be all that attractive in the first place. If anything, virgin hair extensions can form a sort of cover to protect your natural hair from the elements and allow it to grow safely. Virgin hair extensions do not cramp your lifestyle – they have not been colored; that does not mean you cannot experiment with different colors on them. They allow you greater freedom to enjoy a trousseau of different hair colors without the fear of damaging your natural hair. Virgin hair extensions can be seamless and totally concealed. Outsiders may not even make out that you have worn them unless you tell them. Lastly, virgin hair extensions are not uncomfortable – the initial discomfort may be because you are not used to wearing hair extensions – as you gradually get used to wearing the virgin hair extensions, this feeling of discomfort will disappear.

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