Budget Range Of Indian Hair Extensions

The range of Indian hair extensions on offer ensures that the budget is never a constraint when choosing a hair extension to enhance your looks. The cost of getting Indian hair extensions depends on the length and type of hair chosen and the application method used. The longer the Indian hair extensions, the more expensive they are – this is logical. When it comes to the type of hair in Indian hair extensions, synthetic hair is the cheapest. However, this is not recommended this because it is short-lived, less safe and prone to tangling and matting. It also restricts the styling options available. Among Indian hair extensions, Remy human hair is the most premium. This consists of hair extracted from a single donor with all its cuticles intact. Similarly, Virgin hair is hair that has never been subjected to chemical treatment; hence, it is flexible and available for a range of chemical and coloring processes to suit your style. Based on application method, Indian hair extensions can either be glued (cheapest and fastest option), woven and fused or bonded. Gluing is cheap, but does not last for more than a month. Indian hair extensions which are weaved last for a few months. Fusion or bonding is the most expensive and time-consuming method and is usually carried out by qualified person and professional stylists. This ensures maximum longevity of the Indian hair extensions.

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