Brushing Of Hair Extensions

Whether you choose hair extensions for thickness, volume or color, if they are properly applied and regularly maintained, we guarantee you a rewarding experience. A regular maintenance schedule for hair extensions starts with the simple act of brushing or combing the hair. Most of the hair weakens due to daily grooming. If hair extensions are not protected during blow drying, wet combing or other styling, the hair in the extensions may split and break. Hair should be moisturized and brushed thoroughly using a boar brush or loop brush. Always remember to dry the hair thoroughly before combing or brushing it. Commence brushing hair right at the bottom and brush in smooth downward strokes without tugging or pulling. In case of any tangles, hold the tangled section in one hand and brush downwards gently until it gets untangled. Daily brushing eliminates chances of tangling and shedding of hair extensions. Also, as natural hair mostly sheds from the root, it gets attached to the hair extensions; brushing eliminates the shed out natural hair without causing any matting or tangling with the hair in the hair extensions.

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