Brief Description Of Fusion Extensions

Fusion extensions are the latest trend for getting creative hairstyles instantaneously. You need not wait for your natural hair to grow to the desired length – all you need is hair extensions of the required length and you are ready to show off your long, lovely, luscious locks – to the envy of all present! These extension systems are preferred over other methods of applying hair extensions, such as human hair weaves, hand-tie wefts, machine weft extensions, since they are most effective in making the hair look thicker and longer. Fusion extensions look fuller rather than bulkier.

While braided extensions can be applied by making cornrow braids on your hair, fusion extensions need a more detailed strand by strand method to attach the extensions to the ends of the natural hair. The hair extensions involve a visit to the hairstylist and are a time-consuming affair with each strand being attached to natural hair. Despite this, they are fast becoming the future of hair styling, given their advantages over other methods. Typically, fusion extensions can last from six months to a year with proper maintenance and care. These extensions are installed through hot and cold fusion, depending on personal choice.

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