Brazilian Virgin Remy Hair Versus Non-Remy Processed Hair Extensions

Brazilian Virgin Remy hair extensions are always at a premium compared to other hair extensions, since Remy hair has all its cuticles intact and pointing in the same direction. This results in hair extensions with a longer lifespan and considerable resistance to tangling and matting. Brazilian Virgin Remy hair is hair which not only has its cuticles intact, but it has also not been subjected to any chemical treatment or coloring processes. As a result, it carries its natural shine, color and luster. This means that processed hair may sometimes look shinier and more attractive compared to the Brazilian Virgin Remy hair. This is purely because of the reflection of light on the hair and does not indicate the health of the hair. The natural cuticles of Brazilian Virgin Remy hair overlap each other and are placed at slight angles to one another. This causes light rays falling on a head of Brazilian Virgin Remy hair to scatter and diffuse when reflecting off the surface of Brazilian Virgin Remy hair. In contrast, the fiber of processed hair reflects light uniformly off its sheer, uniform surface. The surface of processed hair is almost like a mirror with a uniform thickness, quantity of hair and angles, compared to Brazilian Virgin Remy hair. This causes the hair to look more attractive compared to Brazilian Virgin Remy hair.

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