Brazilian Virgin Remy Hair For Hair Extensions Extending To The Neck Area

If you wish to go for a full head of hair extension – from the front to the back, right around the scalp, it is best to go for the more expensive, but infinitely more comfortable and longer-lasting Brazilian Virgin Remy hair. This is because such hair extensions would extend to the neck area and, normally, the neck is the most frequently disturbed part of the body. The nape of the neck is very tender and is constantly exposed to sweat, collars of the clothes (mostly stiff ones) and bed-sheets and pillows. It is rarely free from some kind of irritation or the other. Due to this, the hair near the neck often gets tousled. Therefore, even Brazilian Virgin Remy hair extensions near the nape need touch-ups every few days. Brazilian Virgin Remy hair is benign and does not react or cause further irritation in the neck area. The Brazilian Virgin Remy hair extensions can either be clipped on or attached as a Brazilian weave, fusion extensions or weft hair extensions. Another option is to go in for a regular human hair weave or hand-tie weft for the complete head, while the Brazilian Virgin Remy hair extensions near the nape of the neck can be clipped on. This makes them easier to remove and clean and refit. But, you should take care to see to it that the clips are well concealed beneath the natural hair. Using clip-on makes maintenance of the Brazilian Virgin Remy hair easier – just remove the clips, shampoo and condition the Brazilian Virgin Remy hair, tighten the braids, and re-apply the clips. It is not necessary to remove the entire Brazilian weave or the hand-tie weft.

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