Braiding Indian Hair Extensions

Indian hair extensions are genetically conducive to being braided. In addition to this, since braiding is a common style of wearing hair in India, Indian hair products are also conditioned to being worn in the form of braids. Braiding, in the form of box, micro braids or cornrows, is a long-lasting and low-maintenance style of wearing Indian Remy hair extensions. Because of their natural length and slightly wavy texture, braids are effortless in these hair weaves.

Braiding with a part of the Indian hair extensions, usually the ends, left free, is called micro braiding. This is a mix of a secure and a free-flowing hair style. The middle portion is tied up while the ends are left free. As opposed to this, box braids are completely secured with a bunch of strands braided together in the shape of a closed triangle or square or similar “boxed-in” style. A cornrow is an even tighter securing of the Indian hair extensions where the extensions are pulled tightly and laid flat along the scalp with little or no scope for lateral or upward movement.

The hair is then securely tied. This gives an impression of a neat and orderly style with not a single hair out of place. The type of braid chosen also changes the texture of the hair extensions. While micro braiding manages to maintain the original wavy texture of the Indian hair weaves, box braiding reduces the waviness, while cornrow braiding eliminates the waviness altogether and converts all textures of Indian hair extensions into a straight one.

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